You feel great updating your computer with the latest features released by Microsoft. Yes, we know they are crucial. Their presence can resolve several technical issues out there. But what about a time when the same update presents you with a feature update to windows 10, version 1903 – error 0x80070002? Now what! It is harsh for your time-consuming activities. Anyhow you have to resolve the issue. 

Don’t worry! We will play your part here and give you some reasons and solutions for it so that you may get what is yours. Let’s begin. 

Causes of Feature Update to Windows 10, Version 1903 – Error 0x80070002

No single point can define the exact cause of this error 0x80070002. We recommend scanning the system carefully and finding what mistake you have made before and during the update. So much will be there for you. We are sure. However, for reference, let’s join some common and popular causes creating this issue for the new and old tech users. 

Feature Update to Windows 10, Version 1903 - Error 0x80070002

  • For sure! You have installed some corrupt and malware applications that cause you not to update your window. 
  • Maybe you have missed or deleted the system file or created a mess with them. 
  • Possibly the system has no space to secure and save your update and installation.
  • Perhaps your external hardware device, which you added later buying them separately, has joined the hands of this error. 
  • No fixed pattern to describe the exact cause; however, like always! Solutions are there in a mighty format. 

Solutions for Feature Update to Windows 10, Version 1903 – Error 0x80070002

Make choices among the below-defined solutions because every solution is not for you and your PC only. Follow them below. 

Windows Update Reset (Fix it) Tool Download

The tool can help you drive power on your Windows update. 

  • Launch the official Webpage of “Wureset” and select your choice there. Download it based on your operating system & Double-click the “.Exe” file to open and install it. 
  •  Accept the term and conditions and install the Windows update reset tool. 

Usage of Reset (Fix it) Tool 

Windows Reset Update Tool

  • Choose the “Language” after opening the tool and press the “Enter” button. 
  • There are many options available to choose from the tool and act accordingly. 
  • Opens the system protection/Resets the Windows Update Components/Deletes the temporary files in Windows/Opens the Internet Explorer options/Runs Chkdsk on the Windows partition/Runs the System File Checker tool/Scans the image for component store corruption/Checks whether the image has been flagged as corrupted/Performs repair operations automatically
  • Cleans up the superseded components/Deletes any incorrect registry values/Repairs/Resets Winsock settings/Reset Microsoft Windows Store/Force Group Policy Update/Search Windows updates/Find the windows product key/Explores other local solutions/Explores other online solutions/Restarts your PC.

Disconnect Outer Devices for Feature Update to Windows 10, Version 1903 – Error 0x80070002

External devices create issues with your system. You think they are compatible with your operating system and increase your productivity in the project. On the contrary, they are hindering the most crucial task of your operating system and error code 0x80070002. Remove them instantly and retry the windows update. 

Review the Installed Updates
  • Click on the “Window” logo of your system, & search for “Control,” and follow the result” Control Panel. 
  • Hit the “Program and Features” option by pressing the “Program” option.
  • Select the “View Installed Updates” choice to uninstall the latest update made by you by marking the “Uninstall” button given next to the selected update. 
Disable the Antivirus

Disable Antivirus

After disabling the antivirus or firewall security, try to update the system. As soon as successful installation occurs, go to the antivirus section and reactivate it to remove any threat to your Windows 10-11 OS. 

Windows Update Troubleshooter

Use the in-built utility of Microsoft Windows and fix the error with these easy steps.

  • From the “Settings” Window of the device, tap “Troubleshooter” within the “System Tab.”
  • It will prompt you to see the issues over there and repair them on its part. 

System File Checker

  • Open “Command Prompt”  and type “SFC /scan now” & “Enter.”
  • It will scan the system or corrupted files and repair them immediately. 
  • Lastly, you need to restart the system and see whether the error 0x80070002 got fixed or not. 


These methods specialize in many ways. They resolve not just this error of your operating system. They can seek any cause of concern and fix them if used rightly. Furthermore, write us back so we can understand your query and serve you the best of the time with your issue.