When you keep using online accounts of your or spending hours online, known or unknowingly you have created millions of online data. Along with some important data you stored some junk files too. And sometimes those junk files are bugged with viruses and other malicious malware that needs to be cleared.  An online antivirus scan is a necessary tool to keep your online data junk-free and save you from viruses too.

What is Online Virus Scan?

An online Virus scan is a technology to reveal the appearance of the virus on your device. Through a virus scan, users can detect different kinds of malware and bugs that make your system security vulnerable to cybercriminals. Few online antiviruses help you to scan 100{067ed41ba9a2bcea5192cfba5c5678b094ea6af66db36aaabba2135c9da953a2} of the virus and give you a way to get rid of it.  

How Does Online Antivirus Work?

Every online malware scanner scans the viruses from the system by using the old techniques. The scanner uses the database where lots of code from different known viruses are enlisted, called a virus dictionary to scan the malware. The online antivirus takes a snippet of the code and matches it with the code in the virus dictionary. If the match is positive then it is confirmed that the system is bugged with some virus or malware.  

You can also say that the whole process of scanning the virus depends upon the virus dictionary of known virus code. The free online virus scanner blocks the intruder after identifying its presence in your system to help the users to prevent data damage. If you regularly scan your system on online virus scans, it will help you to prevent the intruder from sneaking into your system. A robust virus scanner is more powerful and capable of determining viruses from your system along with worms, trojan, spyware, and malware also. There are three basic protection work that your online antivirus should do

  • Monitor the System: Through monitoring the system, the virus scanner has to check the email attachment or the browser action where you probably allow the virus to enter from the backdoor.
  • Create Log Report: Through the log report, you will get recap information about everything that a virus scanner found. This report also informed you about the type of virus that has attacked you and its affected.
  • Ready to Repair Damage: it can be possible that the antivirus you installed on your system grabbed and quarantine the virus for removal. It is also important to repair the damaged data during scanning the system.         

Why is the Virus Dictionary important for Online Virus scan?

Online Virus Scan

As the post mentioned previously that the Virus Dictionary or Repository is just like a dictionary but of Viruses. The repository is full of different kinds of viruses and their relevant details. That will help the scanner to match the identity of the malicious program detected in the system as these programs come from legitimate sources and stay hidden. This malicious program could be a virus, bugs, worms, trojans, or anything else. The multiple shades of the malicious program will be the reason today’s virus scanners do not rely on the single malware strain.  

Type of Online Malware Scan

There are 4 different types of scans available for the users to download for different occasions. Read the below paragraph to know when to use which scan.

1: Quick Scan: 

The Quick scan searches the bugs and viruses within surface level through your hotspot. This scan can be used daily and will only take a few minutes.   

2: Full Scan: 

The full scan works as a comprehensive scanning within all file directories of the system and all the connected devices too. This scan takes a few hours to complete and you will use it once a week for better results.

3: Custom Scan: 

This scan is used when the user suspects something fishy in the system or has doubt that any particular file or area is infected. These scans can work upon the search of specific areas.

4: Scheduled Scan: 

This scan is used for those who have a lot of work or else they forgot to scan the system. You can present the scan in a Scheduled scan.

What To Do While The Online Virus Scan is Running?

As the technology develops itself in the modern arena, malware becomes more persistent and capable of the hide itself in registries and start-up services. The persistent malware can still be in the system after a complete scan and re-infect the system again. You can also easily get rid of this persistent virus from your system in the first attempt.
Online Virus Scan

1: Allow the Scan to get Finish

Running a  full scan on your system takes a few hours to complete so it is ideal to leave your system or mobile aside for a few hours. This will give time to the scanner to finish its job without any interruption.

2: Periodically Review Scan Report: 

After the scan is completed, the report is very important to have as it is a good source of information about the viruses and their vulnerability. 

3: Check on the Antivirus every day:

You are required to check on your Antivirus every day as it should be to protect your system. First, you will have to check the system tray to find if the antivirus is running or not. And then go to the scan history to know how proper it is working.

Procedure to Install An Online Antivirus on the System

 If you’re the one who’s installing the software for the first time then this article is just for you.

1: Create a backup of all the Computer File

It is ideal to run a backup program on your system to prevent any kind of data loss. If your system gets bugged with any virus it will harm your computer’s data, the backup data will be the priority for you after that. And it is also necessarily important to clean a backup file by running an online virus scan before backing up the files.

2: Download the Online Antivirus From a Trusted source

A robust antivirus is more capable of detecting viruses from the system just like Norton Antivirus Scan. you can download Norton Antivirus from the official site of Symantec. If you are willing to take a Norton Antivirus Free trial to get familiar with the software and go ahead with it.

3: Execute some critical scan before installation

If there’s an issue that troubled the system while the installation, it’s good to remove the issue sports and then complete the installation. Sometimes most antiviruses refuse to get installed on some particular system because the system is compromised already.

4: Get ready to Turn Off the Internet

If your system is already compromised then you are requested to turn off the internet connectivity on your system. This will help your system to prevent malware from communicating with remote systems that will probably infect your system.

5: Install the Antivirus on your system

Once the above steps are complete and your system gets in an uncompromised situation, you are allowed to complete the installation procedure.

Procedure to Run the Antivirus for the first time

Online Virus Scan

Once the installation procedure is complete you are allowed to use the software on your system

1: First you are required to verify that all the security updates are downloaded properly.

2: Execute a full virus scan that includes a hard drive, removable media, system memory, email attachments.

3: You are required to clean up the backup storage with a virus scan before restoring any further data.

 4: There is malware quarantined on your system. You have to decide what to do with that threat. Most of the antivirus will give a simplified decision to make. You just have to be attentive towards any kind of result report from further action. 

5: You have to remove most of the quarantine malware from the system. 

How To Run Online Antivirus  On Different Devices

Once you have the antivirus scanner on your device it will be easy for you to clean the device. Here you will get to know how to run antivirus scanners on different devices.

1: Windows 10 

Once you have downloaded the program on the system and completed the installation process, it will run automatically. Because in Windows 10 your program is set to run automatically.

2: Mac 

Just like Windows 10, Mac also allowed the program to automatically run in the background just after the installation was done. Because most of the software is set up to Set-and-forget setup.

3: Android

Android also works the same as Windows 10 and Mac. It also allows the antivirus to run automatically just after the installation completes.  Some of the apps on your android offer the automatic scan on the premium version so ensure that the apps on your system are updated.

4: iPhone

iPhones have a unique design that does not need any kind of antivirus App. 

How To Improve the Online Virus Scan?

If you are having any issues while running the scan or the system starts misbehaving once you initiate the scan. Then you are required to improve the virus scan.

1: Free up a few GB on your system for storage space  

You need to give some storage space to the antivirus as it is also needed room to breathe and function better. 

2: Be alert if your Antivirus is eating all of the Brainpower of the System

If you are using an old device then you have to upgrade it to the brewer software or you may add some computing memory and processing power to your device to avoid excess consumption of the system’s power during the antivirus scan.

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Last Note! 

Regarding all the above information, I hope you liked it. The information is regarding the online virus scan that helps the users to clean their system from viruses and bugs. If you like the article please let us know in the comment section below and also go check out other informative articles on our website.