Windows that could not Prepare the Computer to Boot – Nowadays, everyone is somewhere and somehow dependent on technology because of its efficiency. Unfortunately, sometimes technology lacks at some point in time. For these sorts of glitches, we are here to assist you.

One of the errors that every other user comes across in a while, is the error ‘ Windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of the installation In this situation what do you have to do and what not every detail is available for you below. Just follow the article and get the system fixed in just a few seconds.

Reason Why Windows that could not Prepare the Computer to Boot

Before resolving methods, one should know the root cause of the problem to get a better result for you. coming into the causes section this error  ‘windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of the installation generally comes because of various reasons such as corrupt files, missing files, and incompatible drivers. 

If it does not get fixed in timely then it could get worse because it starts arising problems with hardware and firmware. Here, we are enlisting all the causes for you to check which one of the following matches you.

  • Too Many Non-Necessary Devices are Connected

A Lot of BIOS systems could not work when connected to multiple devices. If you have multiple devices connected to the computer then the operating system can support it. This problem can also lead you to an error. So you just try not to plug in too many hardware devices at the time of installation or upgrade. 

  • Software Setting

Software corruption could be the reason for the error ‘windows could not update the computer’s boot configuration’ coming to your PC. The files existing in your PC are corrupted then it can prevent the operating system from installing or upgrading. It is one of the possible reasons by which the user can get the error.

  • BIOS Setting

Another reason for this error is the incorrect BIOS setting. This issue majorly comes in mini PCs and a similar system. Generally, newly featured motherboards don’t support Windows versions.

  • Hardware Incompatibility

You may experience ‘windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of the installation’ because of hardware incompatibility. It means that the hardware connected to the operating system is differently designed which the operating system couldn’t allow in its system. windows could not prepare the computer to boot

Windows that could not Prepare the Computer to Boot Resolving Methods

If you got the full insight of the error ‘windows that could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of installation’ then it is time for resolving methods. There could be various methods to the problem. That is why we have enlisted all the possible methods for you hoping any one of them would probably fix your problem.

  • Method 1: Disconnect Unnecessary Hardware

Generally, a computer has numerous connected hardware. Removing them from your operating system can prevent you from ‘windows that could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of installation error. This method can fix a lot of problems, not just this one. some Users have also suggested that there are bugs in BIOS that are blocking the path. With this in mind, follow the listed steps.

  1. Remove noncritical devices like USB, sound card, network adapter, etc.
  2. Disconnect multiple SDDs and HDDs, In case, you are connected to them.
  3. Remove each and every optical driver.

After doing them all, restart your computer. Once it starts with the minimum software connected to it then you can start the installation process again. And check if the issue is resolved or not.

  • Method 2: Prepare Installation Media Correctly

You should start the process again by preparing the installation media properly. As sometimes what happens is bad preparation prevents Windows from booting, so you need to recheck your preparation with the following instructions.

  1. Installation media should be clean
  2. Make sure you are using a 2.O USB port.
  3. Ensure that the DVD disk is clean.

If you are still getting the Error that you should try the simple steps to download the tool, this would probably help you out.

  1. Download RUFUS tools.
  2. Get started with the tool. And select the disk image file of your device.
  3. Click on the Start tab. check if your USB is bootable. if it is then start with the installation process.
  • Method 3 Check BIOS Support

You need to verify whether the BIOS actually supports your system or not. It usually happens when you try to install an older version on a newly featured PC. If you are confused in how to verify that, you just need to follow the steps coming down below.

  1. Search for your computer’s manufacturer’s website.
  2. Look for the download and support section.
  3. Now you have to search for the BIOS update. 
  4. Click it twice and start with the installation process.
  • Method 4 Deleting Partitions

Some users have speculated that when they delete all partitions then they are able to proceed with the installation. We would like to advise you before deleting all the partitions just to make sure that you have all the backup done positively. Now you are ready to proceed with the forthcoming steps.

Note: You must have your backup done.

  1. Right-click on the Windows error. Start with Device management.
  2. Now, a list of all the partitions comes forth then delete all except C.
  3. Now, you can restart the installation process.delete partition


We are hoping that the above methods have helped you out with the Error ‘windows that could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of the installation As we have also provided various alternative methods to fix the error. You must note that before proceeding with any step just make sure to save your data in USB or wherever you may find it perfect. Generally, removing nonessential hardware works out as the key method but let us know in the comment section below that what method actually fits your case.


Q1. How to Fix windows that could not update the computer’s boot configuration?

If your computer is not able to boot then there are multiple steps to fix it but here are follows you can try

  1. Disconnect extra connected hardware.
  2. Prepare installation media again.
  3. Upgrade BIOS support.
  4. Delete all the partitions. 

Q2. Why would my Windows not prepare the computer to boot?

There can be a variety of reasons why your computer shows windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of installation. These errors come when you have incompatible hardwares connected to your system, unnecessary hardware connected to your system, old BIOS settings, etc.